@Venice Film Festival

@Venice Film Festival

The prestigious Venice Film Festival will be helding its 72nd edition in the beginning of September, as part of La Biennale di Venezia, one of the most famous and prestigious cultural organizations in the world. La Biennale di Venezia celebrates all forms of art: fine arts, architecture, dance, theater and film of course.

From the 2-12th of September, the grand European masters of film will be in spotlight with their premiered or restored features, but thanks to the Orizzonti selection, a great group of short films will be screened as well next to the features. We picked out the short films from the long list of this section, here they are:

New Eyes by Hiwot Admasu Getaneh
France, Germany, 11′
Selam Fikadu, Berite Eshetu, Surafel Tsegaye, Feven Teshome

E.T.E.R.N.I.T. by Giovanni Aloi
France, 11′
Ali Salhi, Serena Grandi

En Defensa Propia by Mariana Arriaga
Mexico, 14′
Mauricio Isaac, Emilio Echevarría

Violence En Réunion by Karim Boukercha
France, 15′
Vincent Cassel

It Seems To Hang On by Kevin Jerome Everson
USA, 20′
Lynnette Freeman, Ricky Goldman

Hou (Monkey) by Shen Jie
China, 5′ (Animation)

Tarântula by Aly Muritibe, Marja Calafange
Brazil, 20′
Malu Zanetti Domingues, Luma Domingues Zanetti, Giuly Biancato, Ana Clara Fischer

55 Pastillas by Sebastián Muro
Argentina, 13′
Fidel Cuello Vitale, Valentina Britos, Camilo Cuello Vitale, Guillermo Tkach

Seide by Elnura Osmonalieva
Kyrgyzstan, 15′
Kaliman Kalybek Kyzy, Kanat Abdrakhmanov, Razha Alieva

Champ Des Possibles by Cristina Picchi
Canada, 13′

Dvorišta (Backyards) by Ivan Salatic
Montenegro, 20′
Marko Stibohar, Luka Petrone, Sara Kosovac

Jer Gun Muer Rao Jer Gun (The Young Man Who Came From The Chee River) by Wichanon Somumjarn
Thailand, 16′
Yingyong Wongtakee, Teerana Khareram

Belladonna by DUBRAVKA TURIC
Croatia, 18′
Aleksandra Naumov, Nada Ðurevska, Lana Baric, Anita Matkovic

Zero [OUT OF COMPETITION] by David Victori
USA, UK, Spain, Mexico, 28′
Joe Eggold, Felix Avitia, David Atkinson

Oh Gallow Lay by Julian Wayser
USA, 20′
John Robinson, Jason Ritter, Kelsey Sanders, Andoni Anastasse