10994346_10152943055863600_2670870310417292773_nThe 31st Warsaw Film Festival has announced it’s short film programme yesterday, at the official website. Thefestival will be held between the 9th and 18th of October, in the main capital of Poland. Out of the received 4000 submissions, they choose 23 films from 18 countries, including live action, animation, and documentary short films.

The winners of the Short Grand Prix, Best Live Action Short and Best Animated Short will get the chance to be nominated at the next Academy Awards, in February.

The jury will award the films in these four categories:

  • Short Grand Prix – the best short film
  • Best Live Action Short – the best live action short film
  • Best Animated Short – the best animated short film
  • Best Documentary Short – the best documentary short film

The official short film programme:

A Wide Gaze (Szerokie spojrzenie) dir. Guido Pappada, (Italy 2015), 32 min., documentary film.
The story of Francesco Cito, a Neapolitan photographer who left Italy soon after his twentieth birthday to conquer the world of photo reportages. His very successful career has lasted more than thirty years. World premiere.

Auto Copa Park, dir. Joao Atala, (Brazil 2015), 23 min., feature film.
During the night, somewhere in Copacabana, something supernatural happens to Marcos. World premiere.

Coup de Grâce (Akt łaski), dir. Pascal Glatz, (Switzerland 2015), 8 min., feature film.
At a remote mountain lake a bound man with cement shoes is being dragged to the water. His request for a coup de grâce escalates into an absurd clash. European premiere.

Didochok, dir. Volodymyr Tykhyy, (Ukraine 2015), 9 min., feature film.
Anti-archetypical grandparents are the main characters who step by step travel through film clichés, culminating in a grotesque unnatural finale that no longer seems absurd. World premiere.

The Dog Catcher (Hycel), dir. Daria Woszek, (Poland 2015), 30 min., feature film.
A black comedy telling a story of a man who kidnaps dogs for ransom, however, returns them in glory of a saviour. One day he kidnaps a German shepherd that turns out to be a stray dog. World premiere.

The Foreigner (Cudzoziemiec), dir. Jonathan Sutak, (USA 2015), 23 min., documentary film.
In 2011, a computer game tournament in Columbus, Ohio, became a battle of two nations. The film takes us behind the scenes as four elite South Korean pro gamers annihilate the competition, and one brash American fights back. International premiere.

Fulfilament (Olśnienie), dir. Rhiannon Evans, (United Kingdom 2015), 7 min., animated film.
Travel around the brain with a little, lost thought and discover what it takes to make a great idea. European premiere.

Go to City Ele / Wyprawa do miasta Ele, dir. Wenyu Li, (China 2015), 9 min., animated film.
In a civilized society, discrimination has not disappeared. A story about a little pig who comes from P Town and goes to the metropolis City Ele where the elephants live. International premiere.

Goodbye / Auf Wiedersehen / Pożegnanie, dir. Yordan Petkov, (Bulgaria 2015), 16 min., feature film.
A German couple, together with their teenage daughter, are having a second honeymoon at Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. When the husband goes missing, his wife and daughter begin suspecting he’s having an affair. International premiere.

Group B (Grupa B), dir. Nick Rowland, (UK 2015), 25 min., feature film.
Rally driver Shane Hunter is facing his comeback to Group B competition after a long and troubled absence. European premiere.

In Between (Pomiędzy), dir. Rolf Steinmann, (Germany 2015), 8 min., documentary film.
Once there was an ice age but it is disappearing. This is a lyrical and thought-provoking short film about the death of an era. International premiere.

It (Ono To), dir. Genadzi Buto, (Belarus, Russia 2015), 8 min., animated film.
A creature settles in a young man’s room and feeds him but at the same time kills him. The man’s life is falling apart, and he has no choice but to struggle to the death against this dependence. World premiere.

The Latino Ladies Club (Klub Latino Ladies), dir. Boris Misirkov, Georgi Bogdanov, (Bulgaria, USA 2015), 26 min., documentary film.
Nine honourable ladies gathered at a round table talk about their life and Sephardic traditions in Ladino – the language spoken by Jews who were expelled from Spain in 1492. International premiere.

Lebanon Wins the World Cup (Liban wygrywa Puchar Świata), dir. Tony ElKhoury, Anthony Lappé, (Lebanon, USA 2015), 22 min., documentary film.
On the eve of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, two former enemies from the Lebanese civil war prepare to support their favourite team, Brazil. Can the tournament unite them despite all that’s gone wrong? World premiere.

The Offering (La Offrenda / Ofiara), dir. Javier Gutiérrez, Greg Slagle, (Colombia 2015), 21 min., feature film.
Ramiro and Maicol travel to a remote region of the Colombian Andes in search of a family to deliver a sombre message. They soon find, however, that they each must face an unexpected challenge. International premiere.

Ogasavara, dir. Tato Kotetishvili, (Georgia 2015), 8 min., feature film.
Murad and Masha decide to get married, but before they achieve this goal, life has some unbelievable and sad stories in store for them. Eastern European Premiere.

Outsider (Forastero / Nieznajomy), dir. Ivan D. Gaona, (Colombia 2015), 20 min., feature film.
Leonidas Pinzon used to have a restaurant but now spends his time playing billiards. One day the police ask him to receive an outsider in his house. Soon several murders in neighbouring towns warn Leonidas about his visitor. World premiere.

Periphery (Peripheria / Peryferie), dir. David Coquard-Dassault, (France 2015), 12 min., animated film.
A journey into the heart of a large and abandoned estate. The film portrays an urban environment becoming wild. Premiera europejska.

The Teacup (Filiżanka), dir. Elif Boyacioglu, (Ireland 2015), 5 min., animated film.
Once there was a man who was afraid to go out. World premiere.

The Tenants (Lokatorki), dir. Klara Kochańska, (Poland 2015), 30 min., feature film.
A single woman buys an apartment on a bailiffs auction. When she moves to her new home the keys don’t match and she can’t open the door. World premiere.

Thursday (Czwartek), dir. Bruno Brejt, (Poland 2015), 15 min., feature film.
Early morning. Police negotiator picks up the phone. It looks like another typical case. Just the beginning of another day… World premiere.

Toonocalypse (Animokalipsa), dir. Owen Rixon, (UK 2015), 18 min., feature/animated film.
Two students living in Edinburgh document the arrival on Earth of a species of small, cute, cartoon aliens, known as “Toons”. Over time the Toons become integrated into society, but after a year on Earth, without warning, some of the Toons start to change into something far larger and scarier. European premiere.

Woods (Miškas / Las), dir. Ignas Meilunas, (Lithuania 2015), 12 min., feature/animated film.
An old hermit scientist tries to catch a mythical creature which lives in the forest and glows in the dark, in order to complete his exclusive collection. He constructs a trap but soon gets into an uncomfortable situation himself. International premiere.