The 6th Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival will take place soon in Thessaloniki, Greece on from the 30th of October until the 1st of November. With title Living in… City-mmetry they engage young film makers to get inspired by the city and create!

Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival travels every year in a different Balkan city tackling topics of contemporaneity and focuses on new regional productions, functioning as a stage of supporting and promoting young and emerging filmmakers. The Competition Part consists of 30 films that have been selected out of 300 from 35 countries while special screenings and parallel events will take place. BBB Focus this year is on short films from Austria in collaboration with VIS Festival.

This year the Festival tackles the theme of urban life and its geometries: Every city is a point of reference: a common space for multiple identities that develop and get defined by historical, urban, political and societal memories.

Here are the short films of the Austrian Focus:

TWELVE TALES TOLD by Johann Lurf / AT / 2014 / 03 min / No dialogue
Disney’s charming signature tune is played, we descend through delicate clouds into the night-time panorama of a fairy-tale world. But the illusion isabruptly ruined when the logos and tunes of other Hollywood studios break into the picture in staccato mode. Lurf condenses the symbolisms of self- aggrandisement and big gestures to a new anthem of gigantism and composes a song, which exposes the ostentatious exaggeration through repetition. The intro becomes the principal part and is newly arranged, while that, which wishes to stand out, is debunked as always being the same.

GLEICHGEWICHT (Balance) by Bernhard Wenger / AT / 2015 / 05 min
Young Denise visits the Prater, Vienna’s famous fun fair, almost daily for a ride on the huge carousel “Tagada”. She knows everyone and everyone knows her – and this is the one place, where she can put her past behind her. The fairground as a safe haven, where problems melt away in the zero gravity of a carousel. A sensitive, documentary miniature in colorful, glittering and vertigo-inducing images accompanied by loud techno music. Depressing and liberating at once.

DIE JACKE (The Jacket) by Patrick Vollrath / AT / 2014 / 09 min
Boy meets girl … and loses his jacket. A high-spirited evening, wandering à deux through the night-time streets, stealing a bottle of vodka, getting closer to each other during the last beer at a bar. But then there is a short conflict, an outsider interrupts the intimacy, all because of this stupid jacket. Patrick Vollrath closes in on his character’s faces, only needing a piece of cloth to break the romantic mood and turn instilled roles and conventions upside down.

BEING WHALE (Beingwhale) by Christoph Schwarz & Zeno van Duesenberg / IT/AT / 2014 / 17 min
Action artist Renfah is out to shock the art world by laying out a whale on St. Marc’s Square just in time for the Biennale, which blows up and swamps Venice with intestines. This calls for protests by animal welfare activists, which are also staged accordingly. But does he really want to do this?
Christoph Schwarz, master of mockumentaries, exposes the mechanisms of an art world lusting for scandals and spectacles and stages an entertaining deliberate confusion between fiction and reality, pithy and cuttingly commentated by a voiceover. “Art must shock!”

LIST DO POLSKI (Letter to Poland) by Jola Wieczorek / BE/AT / 2014 / 09 min / German, Polish
Having grown up first in Poland and then in Austria, Jola Wieczorek embarks on a search for the life she left behind in her old homeland. To accompany the poetic images she drafts a letter to her Polish alter ego, which remains a speculation, sometimes also a stereotype, away from the shared memories of early childhood. A dialogue with a faded mirror image.

TRISTES DÉSERTS – A ROBOT’S TALE (AUGUST FEAT. AUSTRIAN APPAREL) by Stephanie Winter / AT / 2015 / 08 min / No dialogue
Tenor August Schram and Duo Austrian Apparel reinterpret Tristes Déserts by Marc-Antoine Charpentier. Baroque meets Electronic, also in the music video. A pink poodle and an octopus take us on a journey between wonderland and outer space.

PITTER PATTER GOES MY HEART by Christoph Rainer / DE/US/AT / 2015 / 22 min
Hopelessly romantic Lisa lives with her alcoholic father and is still in love with her ex, sleazy advertising photographer Alf. When Alf comes to town for a photo shoot, she jumps at the chance. Christoph Rainer invites us to a candycoloured world of black humour, where the characters are driven by their obsessions. A deft play on the conventions of kitsch and (tragi) comedy, between talking playing cards and varicose-veined models. The truly epic finale allows us to gently waft away.


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