The 31st International Short Film Festival Berlin is coming soon from the 10-15th of November, as part of the interfilm Berlin festival and event series. The festival is offering a great selection of 500 films in 50 programmes, 6 competitions, in 7 cinemas of 3 districts of Berlin. As part of every year’s festival programme, short film pitching session Interforum will also be held during these 5 days.

The International Competition was selected from the received 8000 short films from 130 countries, and it’s separated into 8 different sections:

1. Animation 1 – Mind Travels – wondering in the absurd minds, created with different mindblowing animation techniques
2. Animation 2 – Search & Stumble – searching, finding, or leaving the meaning of things behind
3. Lost Places – who are we? what are we? the journeys of being lost and found
4. Sex & Insanity – sex defines human relationships, it’ gets them together or break them apart, it’s inevitable and essential
5. Together Apart – every family is different, even the concept of it
6. Out of the Blue – unexpected things happen all the time, and these characters are experiencing these moments with us
7. Losing Grip – when things get out of control, that’s when things start to get interesting
8. When we were Young – a collection of coming of age stories – the countries are different, but the problems seem to be universal

The Confrontation Competition has 4 different sections and one online competition this year:

1. No Choice – dead end situations are giving ultimatums in a person’s life – give up or fight for survival
2. Last Resorts – “should we hold our ground or allow ourselves to be toyed with by external forces?”
3. Power Games – questions power relations in big and small, as well as geopolitical and domestic spaces
4. Point of No Return – refugee stories, dedicated to the ones that had to leave everything behind
Confrontations Online-Competition – strong stories against violence, which you can all watch and rate here

The Documentary Competition‘s main focus is Flight and Memory, selected from the 700 received short films.

1. Memory Lane – keeping the memories alive, with the constant fear of losing them, or just let them fade away
2. Reality Check – need to return back to our basic senses, with all of these technical developments that surrounds us
3. Here&Now – discussing the meaning of this term, through active provokations and childhood fantasies

The German Competition offers imaginative and unusual stories, with 18 shorts in 3 selections.

1. Turning Points – the moment arrives in which direction is changed and a new path is forged
2. Caught Up – facing situations that they’d rather avoid, and dealing with the mysterious ways of fate
3. Challenges – characters facing their problems and confront the causes

The Green Film Competition is makes us experience nature, and makes care all over again.

1. The Global Challange – speaking up for its causes of nature but also having fun with it at the same time
2. Animal Action – the animals are taking over the control, and its fun to watch
3. Green Film Online Award – from the 24 films that are in the Green Competition, watch 20 of them here

The Eject XVIII or The Long Night of Weird Films is exactly what is sounds like, a bag of odd and goofy shortfilms. Read more on the Focus on Baltic States, Focus on Canada and many more of the diverse programme of interfilm.

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