Interfilm Berlin International Short Film Festival has ended last weekend, along with programmes of Interforum, a mixture of masterclasses, discussions and a Script Pitch competition, where 8 filmmakers had the chance to present their short film projects in front of a 3 member jury and an open audience. We asked a round of questions from all the finalists of Interforum before the final decision, so at first, let’s meet Csongor Dombóvári from Hungary, and his short film pitch called ‘Ghost-Herd‘.

Csongor Dombovári

Csongor Dombovári

How did it feel when you made it to the finalists of Interforum?

I was actually on my yearly retreat, camping by a lake all alone with my phone turned off. One night I turned it back on to use the flashligh – that’s when I get the message from Interforum. I felt totally surprised and of course I was very happy about it!

How would you describe  Ghost-Herd in a few sentences? What’s the story about?

It’s is a short dramedy about a mysterious character named Mr. Z, who travels to a far-off countryside village, determined to find a herd ghost horses which he actually believes to be inhabiting the area, however his unusual quest turns out to carry a much bigger revelation.

Why is this film important to you?

GHOST-HERD investigates the questions of how we deal with strangers and strange people, and also, how to know what’s true. I believe these issues are very much relevant both in present day Hungary and the European Union.

What do you think makes a good pitch? Have you created a visual moodboard or added some music, maybe shot a pitch trailer?

A good pitch inspires the audience. It may give away the premise and set the tone of the film but I think it’s also important to leave some questions unanswered. For GHOST-HERD I had put together a very detailed moodboard, however at Interforum we could not use any visuals, it was strictly a story-pitch this year.

What’s the next step with your film? Are you planning on shooting the film in England or Hungary?

I got so much valuable feedback from our tutors at the Script Lab, and also from fellow participants! So the first step will be writing the second draft. Moreover, I’m also very happy because I’ve found a producer and I feel excited to start working with him! The project is set in Hungary, however, for a couple of mountaneous shots it would be so nice to travel to Slovakia or Transylvania perhaps.


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