Lost and Found

Lost & Found by Mouse on Mars & Eric D. Clark

With this third edition of its “Saving Pop Culture” collection the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen and the Goethe Institute now continue their (unofficial) history of the German music video since 1999. 18 selected clips from the festival years 2008 to 2015 – all of them either candidates for or prize winners of the Oberhausen MuVi Award for the best German music video – provide an up-to-date overview of the quality and variety of experimental music videos. The Short Film Festival now offers these videos for distribution as DCPs, Blu-rays and DVDs.

The exploitation and production of music videos have changed fundamentally since Oberhausen’s much debated introduction of the MuVi Award in 1999. All the same, these 18 clips show that German music videos still offer much to be discovered. In 2010 Der Freitag wrote “the declining importance of music television has not hurt their quality.” and in 2015 the FAZ even claimed: ”Ironically it is the by now well-established competition for music videos in Oberhausen that has most clearly led the way back to the cinema and the traditional film narrative.”

The selection reflects the aesthetic variety of contemporary video clips. As music television declined, music videos got rid of its constraints and standards. The formal bandwidth ranges from found footage works, a variety of animation techniques and narrative experiments, right up to performance videos. In addition the links to art, video and experimental film have become much closer – filmmakers and artists alike experiment with music video. The selection includes feature film directors such as Dietrich Brüggemann and Klaus Lemke along with artists like Oliver Pietsch and Carsten Nicolai.

The programme is now available for distribution from the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen and will be made available to Goethe Institutes abroad for their programming.

The clips:

  • One Minute Soundsculpture (Ryoji Ikeda), Daniel Franke, 2010 (1st Prize MuVi 2011)
  • Einundzwanzig (Jan Roth), Martin Eichhorn/Daniel Spindler, 2013
  • Zum König geboren (Marteria), Daniel Franke/Martin W. Maier, 2009 (Audience Award MuVi 2009)
  • Blood (Vangelis), Oliver Pietsch, 2011
  • Dot (Michael Fakesch), Jörg Petri, 2007 (3rd Prize MuVi 2008)
  • Easy Or Not (Tim Neuhaus ft. Kat Frankie), Dietrich Brüggemann, 2013 (Audience Award MuVi 2014)
  • Fratzengulasch (Die Vögel), Katharina Duve/Timo Schierhorn, 2011 (2nd Prize and Audience Award MuVi 2012)
  • Giddy (Pereira Elsewhere ft. Gonjasufi), Pussykrew, 2013
  • Graf (Lithops), Karl Kliem, 2009 (3rd Prize MuVi 2009)
  • Der Investor (Die Goldenen Zitronen), Ted Gaier/Katharina Duve/Timo Schierhorn (1st Prize MuVi 2014)
  • There Will Be Singing (Efdemin), JUTOJO/Phillip Sollmann, 2010 (2nd Prize MuVi 2011)
  • Down (Occupanther), Johannes Brugger, 2014
  • Die Seitenlehne (Lena Stoehrfaktor), Pappsatt, 2010
  • Videotape (Radiohead), Wolfgang Jaiser/Claus Winter, 2008
  • Lost & Found (Mouse on Mars & Eric D. Clark), Klaus Lemke, 2014 (1st Prize MuVi 2015)
  • Denken Sie Groß (Deichkind), Till Nowak/Timo Schierhorn/UWE, 2015 (Audience Award MuVi 2015)
  • uni acronym (alva noto ft. Anne-James Chaton), Carsten Nicolai, 2011 (1st Prize Muvi 2012)
  • Freude (Holrich Gelken), Thomas Draschan, 2009