Filmfest Dresden International Short Film Festival is offering young filmmakers the unique opportunity to attend a professional animation training programme during the festival’s 28th edition. The workshop headed by filmmaker and photo animation artist Maki Satake, who is teaching from the 12th until the 17th of April, during the festival. The programme also includes further presentations and networking events with media professionals as well as open stage screening to present current film works.

The concept of this year’s workshop is to give an overview on photo animation by combining photographs and video footage to experience the various possibilities of the medium. Working with paper-printed photographs creates an animation that cannot be represented in the 3D technology – discribes the event the latest press release of Filmfest Dresden.

Participant will have the unique opportunity to produce a short excerpt of film by composing a single frame animation inserting (old) photographs in recent film footage – applying the aesthetically enhanced perspectives conveyed in the workshop.



@Maki Satake


@Maki Satake

Applying to the workshop:

  • the fee is 250 euro / participant
  • it covers all the workshop sessions plus the costs of accomodation, breakfast/lunch, and accreditation to all the screenings and events at Filmfest Dresden
  • you need to bring your own camera and computer with the respective¬†editing software

You need to send:

  • your CV to
  • letter of motivation (max. 1 page)
  • one film work by you that you would like to present at a public screening at the festival (a link to download)

The workshop is limited for the maximum of 10 participants. Send you application until the 25th of January!

/Press release of Filmfest Dresden, and the official page of the artist, Maki Satake/