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Welcome to our brand new magazine, World of Young Cinema!

After five years of concentrating exclusively on short films, we decided that it was time for a little change. Short films are still very dear to us, but since we started writing about them in 2010, many of the filmmakers we interviewed and praised then have made the big leap and shot their first (and even second!) features. And we are eager to follow their journey. So, besides shorts, we will discuss everything about young cinema and emerging filmmakers in this Berlinale issue and our future editions. This made it necessary to change the name of the magazine, too: World of Shorts has become World of Young Cinema. And we are here, in Berlin again!

Of course, we still dedicate a whole section of the new magazine to Berlinale Shorts and Berlinale Talents. Starting on page 5, you can read all about the films, the people behind them, the talents, and the organisers of these extraordinary programmes and most of all, the creativity that radiates all over Berlin in February. The other focus of WOYC is the business side of it all: the labyrinth of the European Film Market (EFM), development and funding tips for first features, and success stories. Read our interviews, reports and articles on these subjects from pages 30 and 48. The Pitch Page – this time for first features – returns: prepare to marvel at the creative power behind the selected film plans, starting on page 58.

As always, we have visited and reviewed festivals, and prepared a useful festival panorama for your convenience – with a special focus on first features. Find Daazo’s news and experiences in the festival life section starting on page 71.

We hope you will enjoy the renewed magazine, you can read it right here below:

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