For 5 years Visegrad Film Forum brings to Slovakia personalities from European and world cinematography and spreads knowledge to the next generation of Slovak and foreign filmmakers. To renowned Oscar filmmakers like as Christopher Newman or Allan Starski, this year will be added Polish film and television director and screenwriter Agnieszka Holland.

Agnieszka Holland after her studies at FAMU in Prague worked with Krzystof Zanussi and Andrzej Wajda. She has directed over the 30 features and television films during her 40-year career. Three of her films got an Oscar nomination – Europa Europa (1991) for Best Adapted Screenplay and Angry Harvest (1985) and In Darkness (2011) for Best Foreign Language Film. In January 2014, she took over the chairmanship of the European Film Academy board.

Agnieszka Holland has the feeling that European cinema is running away from the most important issues. The few political films that are being produced are very simplistic. It seems to her European cinema is somehow ignoring the world. Her special masterclass will not be just about a „crisis of content“ in movies. She will share her success story with the audience and talk about her perception of the film as a “bridge” to the hearts and minds of people.


Agnieszka Holland

Visegrad Film Forum will host respected director of Israel Film Fund Katriel Schory. For 17 years he contributed to the financing of 230 films, such as Waltz with Bashir or Lebanon. Katriel Schory is one of the most respected figures in the film world and many Jewish and Arab filmmakers in Israel consider him to be a guardian of freedom of expression.

At VFF he will give a speech about film literacy and importance of audience development. Thanks to Creative Europe Desk Slovakia he will also cover the issue of why European films are unable to reach a bigger audience.

Visegrad Film Forum (VFF) is a networking and educational platform for emerging film professionals, students with major in film, media or audio-visual studies and film enthusiasts. Through open dialogue, sharing and exchange of innovative experiences it aims to strengthen cooperation among young film professionals. VFF’s main goal of is to set up an educational base focused on film-making issues specific for Europe and to promote quality projects of young filmmakers, allowing them to introduce their work and find partners for their international co- productions. VFF is divided into several sections, including screenings of student films, master classes with renowned experts and case studies of interesting film projects. This year eight partner schools are involved from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Ukraine, Romania and Montenegro.

The 5-days event will be ceremonially open on Tuesday, April 5 by screening of the film Son of Saul in the presence of Hungarian film architect László Rajk who worked on several movie productions including The Man from London, The Turin Horse, Mirage and The Martian. Screening is supported by Film Europe Media Company.

From Visegrad Film Forum press release