#MEAT is a German short film from the Cannes Short Film catalogue, presented in the Short Film Corner this year. Director Marc J. M. van den Broek has answered us to a couple of questions about his film.

Marc J. M. van den Broek

Marc J. M. van den Broek

What is your film about? What are the main topics raised by the story?

#MEAT is an associative abstraction of the Faust story, dramaturgically adapted for presentation in a 21st century context. The film #MEAT starts at the beginning of the Industrial Age and ends with the temporal and spatial dissolution of the “self” in the immaterial digital present. #MEAT unfolds in sequences between the realms of dream and reality and in the worlds between modern science, love and freedom. It illuminates archaic regions. The images are presented without commentary; their visuality are underscored by sound.

Who is the target audience of your film?

#MEAT is an experimental film, where an alternative way of storytelling in multiple layers simultanously occurs. Therefore each observer may perceive his own and personal story. The key lies in detailled symbols of the film, which can be found in a classical as well as an abstract form. #MEAT deliberately avoids addressing the intellect directly, as its content cannot be comprehended at the rational level. Yet it speaks to intuition and emotions with striking intensity.

Visit the official website of the short film: http://marcvandenbroek.de/film/film.html


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