Every year, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival collects a great selection of short films, made by film students and graduates from various countries of Europe. With their unique style, vision and brave mix of genres, the 10 newcomer directors of the Future Frames are showing a promising future for the European cinema. We made a short interview with all directors who got selected, meet Davit Pirtskhalava, director of the short film Father.

Davit Pirtskhalava

Davit Pirtskhalava

Director’s bio: Davit graduated in 2011 from Tbilisi’s Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Cinema State University with an M.A. in Screenwriting. He is currently studying how to write for the theatre at the Royal District Theatre, and has co-written the screenplays for films by Tornike Bziava (WAKE-MAN) and Levan Tutberidze (MOIRA, Georgia’s official Oscar entry for 2015). Davit’s directorial debut FATHER won the Golden Leopard for best international short in Locarno last year.

Father: Lado is nineteen when his father comes back home unexpectedly after a very long absence. The young man tries desperately to get some answers from his parent, but in vain. When his father leaves again, Lado goes back to his life of crime, together with his younger brother. He is left to answer the questions their father would not hear.



What was your first thought when you realised you got into the Future Frames?
I thought that I was lucky.

How do you prepare for the festival? What do you expect from it?
I’m expecting meeting with interesting people through the festival and hope we will all share our experiences through discussions and meetings.

How is the film education in your school? Do you get funds for your short films there?
I think that Georgia has a lot more young talents which haven’t appeared on international area yet. I’m sure they will show up very soon, I laso hope for the permanent growth of the education level which will help the professional growth of the talented generations.

Why did you decided to focus on the complicated relationship between fathers and sons?
My friend told me one story which made me focus on this topic, it happened itself, without planning beforehand.

Do you use autobiographical elements in your stories?
There are very little autobiographical elements only in micro details. In total the story is fiction.

Did you work with professional or amateur actors? Which one do you prefer?
The cast was combined professional actors and amateurs as well. I think that working with each of them had its positive side, the main thing is for the author to realise what he really wamts and what he expects from others.

How was the shooting? What was the most difficult part of the shooting? What is your favourite memory of it?
It was my first experience as a director on set and I hardly remember everything. I was lucky to have such crew , they are all my friends and they contributed a lot to make this film happen.

What is your next film plan? Are you preparing for a short or a feature film in the future?
At the moment I’m preparing for my next short.

Director’s bio, short film summary, and photos from the official website of the Future Frames. More interviews are coming with the directors!