Short Waves Festival calls for submissions to International, Polish, Dances with Camera and competitions! Submissions are open from 6th June 2016 until 11th November 2016. Short Waves Festival 2017 will take place from 21st March to 26th March 2016 in Poznań, Poland.

INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION is the most prestigious competition at the Festival for the best productions from all over the world. The main goal of the Competition is to create a diverse programme with a fresh perspective on contemporary cinema and original film language.

POLISH COMPETITION is a competition for the best polish productions, up to 45 min. The main goal of the Competition is to create a diverse programme with a fresh perspective on contemporary cinema and original film language.

DANCES WITH CAMERA is an international competition for short films, whose common language is dance, movement and broadly defined physical expression. The competition is open to dance films, regardless of styles and genres. To participate in the selection are also welcome documentary and experimental forms, combining dance with different film genres, visual arts and media. is an international short film competition organised as a part of Short Waves Festival 2017. Diverse productions on the borderline of visual arts, classical cinema and experminental forms may be submitted to the competition. It’s character can be defined by concepts such as: #competition #art #cinema #shortfilm #experimaentalforms #videoart #whitecube #blackbox #silverscreen #outofframe #inbetween #fromgallerytocinema #beyondborders.

Laureates will be chosen by an international jury. By casting their votes during film screenings, the viewers will decide about the audience award. Total prize money is 25 000 EUR. Submissions should be through the online platform

Text and artwork from Short Waves Festival