interfilm and the Script Pitch team are thrilled to welcome the final eight screenwriters to Berlin this week. Hailing from all aver the world, the selected projects have a common and recurring issue:

What is real and what is fiction? How do the threads of fictional storytelling enmesh reality? When magic shields protect us from the brutality of everyday life in a war zone; or pure, masculine rage becomes food for the beast; and sheep-people dance choreographies – then reality has clearly kicked into hyper-reality mode. The screenwriters participating in this year’s round of Script Pitch, envision new worlds and forge fresh realities. But the ever-closer relationship between digital and analogue life is also raised: Which occurrences do we actually experience? How long do I physically wait until something changes in my digital world? In subtle microcosms, the stories develop their own realities that frequently leave us feeling puzzled, surprised and provoked. The endless search for an absent father that leads from Sweden to Beirut in Lebanon; the mystical curse afflicting males on the banks of a solitary lake; the sterile transaction of human-life acquisitions in international organisations – by means of powerful atmosphere and compelling cinematic imagery the writers implement absurdity, provocation and inventiveness to merge their stories and the reality in which we live. But which reality, exactly?

Read more about all final screenwriters in the Script Pitch booklet. How do the stories unfold? How, when and were are the scripts developed?

Link to the booklet: https://issuu.com/interfilm_berlin/docs/script_pitch_blog_booklet_final?e=3829870/40731342

Link for Script Pitch: http://www.interfilm.de/en/festival2016/interforum/script-pitch.html

Find out more about the final eight screenwriters: http://www.interfilm.de/en/festival2016/interforum/script-pitch/script-pitch.html