ANIMA – Córdoba International Animation Festival is both an academic and cultural event, devoted specifically to animation in its artistic and technological dimensions. Held every odd year since 2001, ANIMA is the main animation event in Argentina and a very influential player in its field in Latin America.

ANIMA is no ordinary event. Its main objective is to gather creative individuals devoted to the art and craft of animation into a meeting point where all discussion and exchange can be directed into the scope of animation, in its many dimensions of analysis: as artistic expression, as cultural industry, as educational resource, as corpus for research, etc… Or just as fun!

ANIMA is composed by three superimposed dimensions:

It’s an ANIMATION FESTIVAL: The first edition was held on 2001, and since the festival happens on odd years only, their 2017 edition will be the ninth. Among guests and jurors from former editions you will find many relevant personalities from the animation world, among them: Chris Hinton (Canada), Juan Pablo Zaramella (Argentina), Marcy Page (Canada), Santiago ‘Bou’ Grasso (Argentina), Michaela Pavlátova (Czech Republic), Javier Mrad (Argentina), Martine Chartrand (Canada), Barry Purves (United Kingdom), Pablo Rodríguez Jaúregui (Argentina), Walter Tournier (Uruguay), Esteban Tolj (Argentina), Tomás Welss (Chile), Diego Rolle (Argentina), Otto Guerra (Brazil), Vivienne Barry (Chile), René Castillo (Mexico) and many more.

It’s an OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN FROM THE BEST: ANIMA aims to bring in depth and high – end educational opportunities to its audience. Seminars, workshops and short courses are organized, centered on a variety of topics dedicated to specific animation aesthetics and technology, and are conducted by prestigious professionals in the area, such as the forementioned guests, Rodolfo Sáenz Valiente (Argentina), Steven Woloshen (Canada), Andrés Lieban (Brazil) and Giannalberto Bendazzi (Italy).

It’s a CONFERENCE: ANIMA’s International Academic Forum is the only specific Conference on Animation held in Latin America. It holds an open call for papers, video presentations and posters on animation, that undergo double peer – reviewing by an Academic Committee for selection and publication.

The 9th edition of ANIMA will be held on September 10-12, in Cordoba, Argentina.

Deadline for submission of film entries is on May 30th, 2017. You can submit your film here, for more information visit ANIMA’s site.