There’s only a day left before Visegrad Film Forum will hit the big screen with film classic The Neverending Story in the presence of sfx and make-up artist Colin Arthur – father of the legendary Falkor. The event will then continue with loaded programme until Saturday. Spectators will be able to sneak peak into the world of cinematography and TV production thanks to masterclasses lead by amazing filmmakers such as Ludovica Ferrario, production designer of Sorrentino’s The Young Pope, Sergei Loznitsa who is currently going to compete in the Cannes and executive producer of HBO Steve Matthews and many more.

“Visitors can expect many different types of successful guests from film industry and filmmaking occupations, which aren’t that well known for filmgoers,” says managing director Jakub Viktorín. Alongside the master classes there will be many screenings including the two debut films from festival darling Sergei Loznitsa, who gained international recognition capturing the anti-government protests at Ukrainian square Maidan. Participants will be able to see his beginnings in films such as Blockade, composed of unique material depicting The Siege of Leningrad, and Landscape, ethnographic study on the Russian older.

“Apart from film, this year we have also focus on TV production and allow our visitors to look into the development of TV series from different points of view depending on many occupations.” That resulted in implementation of the Czech trio Štepan Hulík, Pavla Janoušková Kubečková and Tomáš Hrubý to the programme schedule. The scriptwriter and two producers are responsible for the miniseries such as Burning Bush and Wasteland developed for film channel HBO. They’ve gained recognition not only at home but also worldwide. That wouldn’t happened if it wasn’t approved by Steve Matthews. As the executive producer of HBO for Central Europe, every series must get through his consideration.

Production designer Ludovica Ferrario who is a key member of Paolo Sorrentino’s team and succeeded in making spectacular settings for The Young Pope, Youth and The Great Beauty will talk about the experiences with TV production. She wasn’t afraid of the painstaking challenge and made the exact replica of Sistine chapel and Vatican surroundings exclusively for series. “My focus on the TV production was motivated by the fact that nowadays the filmmakers who have their own ideas and approach to narrative principles are given a better chance to show their potential in TV series.,” added Jakub Viktorín.

Motivational element of the programme will be held by independent filmmakers who are willing to sacrifice their comfort for a chance to create something valuable. For example Peter Strickland who instead of buying a flat in the UK made a low-budget film Katalin Varga in Romania. After all, the suggestive revenge film which will be screened during the VFF gained him a Silver Bear at the Berlinale and he was acclaimed as the European Film Academy Discovery of the year 2009.

Furthermore, young Anja Salomonovitz will come and present her documentaries. Austrian filmmaker started her career as an assistant of Ulrich Seidl and now she is known for her politically and socially themed films. VFF will screen two of her movies: Firstly, You will never understand this where she confronted her own family members’ history while some of them survived Nazi concentration camps and secondly, an eerie documentary It happened just before about human trafficking. The film won the Caligari Film Award at the Berlin Film Festival.

Meandros a Thäis is a bizzare programme attraction which tells an antique tale in the unexpected form of surreal road-movie. Screening of this experimental film captured on hand-held cameras and indestructible Go-Pros set place in the presence of creators.

Not only exceptional guests and masterclasses but also networking and creative atmosphere are feature of the VFF. Future filmmakers from around the Europe will get a chance to present their work. Four blocks of student films will bring surprising encounters such as Egypt and Czech Republic, Ukraine and Slovakia, Hungary and Serbia or Ireland and Poland.

After every exhausting day visitors can look forward to an amazing party. To present Bratislava closer, VFF will hold five different parties in five completely different places. The evening events will offer various genres like twist, rock, jazz and rock’n ‘roll, international jukebox, indie, EDM, techno and acoustic band concerts.