Loyalty, honor and sacrifice are the main themes of Matt Boatright-Simon’s short film ‘JC‘, based on William Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar‘, using documentary footage, narrative photography and cutting-edge organic visual effects.

What is your film about?

JC‘ is the daring new vision of William Shakespeare’s political thriller ‘Julius Caesar‘. The film, centering around Portia and her husband Brutus, mixes documentary footage, with narrative photography and cutting-edge organic visual effects realized by two-time Academy Award-Winner Jon Meier. Led by powerhouse performances by stage and screen luminaries Francesca Manzi and Charles Porter, ‘JC‘ drills deep into the complexities of marriage, friendship and politics, duty to country. Adapted for the screen, directed, edited, produced and co-DPed by multiple award-wining writer/director Matt Boatright-Simon, this action-packed, sexually charged retelling of the Bard’s timeless classic couldn’t be more timely.

What are the main topics raised by the story?

The topics raised by ‘JC‘ are loyalty, duty to country, duty to spouse, honor and sacrifice. ‘JC‘ also looks at how our relationships can lead to our greatest vulnerability and that sometimes the wrong relationship can mean death.

What is your credo as a filmmaker?

Focus, excellence and resilience.

Matt Boatright-Simon

Who is the target audience of your film?

Educated women and men 30-70.

Can you share a funny or interesting story about the making of the film?

Mixing documentary footage into classic text was pretty Because I used a mix of “stylized” documentary and original photography, it was important to match the two. As a result of the fact that the incredible doc footage was at a certain time of day and year, we had a very very small window of time to thread the needle, so to speak.

Why did you decided to submit your short film to the Short Film Corner?

I wanted to screen at Cannes and the Short Film Corner is the perfect platform for getting out film out to that intelligent and incredibly voracious audience.

Why did you decided to submit your short film to the Short Film Corner?

I submitted to the Short Film Corner because it’s the perfect venue to gain exposure for ‘JC‘ and to interact with other filmmakers.

Why should audiences watch the film?

You should watch ‘JC‘ because you’ll be moved. I promise you, you will think, and feel something afterwards. The film is bold, it’s daring, and if you care at all about what’s going on in the world currently, it will resonate. The performances the lead actors turn in are of a very high order, and me and my core team of collaborators pulled off some things, cinematically, that I’m confident you’ve not seen before. We mix classic text, with visual effects, documentary footage and original photography that I think is pretty seamless. You’ll go on a journey and be challenged.