Laëtitia Herbain’s short, ‘Escaping Stars‘, tells a story of a girl, whose world falls apart, sinks into madness and lost into herself into an imaginary world, when her lover left her. 

What is your film about?

My film talks of a gap: a gap between reality such as it is actually, and reality such as the film heroine
wishes it. She lives inside an imaginary world, creates her own reality, and gets lost between her
remembrances, hallucinations and dreams.

What are the main topics raised by the story?

The main topics are madness, several perceptions of reality, but what I actually wanted was making people feel that it’s a mood, my heroine’s mood and her surrounding.

What is your credo as a filmmaker?

My first two films are stamped by a similar atmosphere and are quite oniric rather dramatic, but I don’t intend to get sticked to a unique kind of films. My forecoming ones are supposed to be lightful comedies. Nevertheless, I intend to keep on with this oniric side and that kind of aesthetic I like. I also intend to keep working with gaps; very often there’s a gap between reality as it is, and the one we’d like it to be. Yet, this very kind of gap is to be worked differently.

Who is the target audience of your film?

All kind of people who likes atmosphere films and able to appreciate this aesthetic.

Can you share a funny or interesting story about the making of the film?

A travelling in a bath chair!

Why did you decided to submit your short film to the Short Film Corner?

Because Cannes is among the most prestigious festivals, and I hope that someday my film will be part of the official contest!