Michael Maschina short film, ‘Jonah‘, tells a story of two women in two different timelines – in 2015 and in 1943, evoking the fable of ‘Jonah and the Whale‘: a story which is common to both the Jewish and the Islamic culture.

What is your film about?

Jonah‘ tells the dramatic story of two lorries in two different timelines, syrian refugees in 2015 and jewish refugees in 1943 hidden inside its Interieur. Two women give us the frame of the plot providing the fable of ‘Jonah and the Whale‘: a story which is common to both the Jewish and the Islamic culture.

What are the main topics raised by the story?

Jonah‘ was inspired by the events of August 27th 2015, when the Austrian police found the corpses of seventy one refugees abandoned in a lorry parked on the side of the street in Burgenland State.
Jonah‘ wants to let us all remember that if today thousands of people are trying to get into Austria in search for freedom, yesterday thousands of people were fleeing the same country to save their lives.

What is your credo as a filmmaker?

My vision is plain and simple. When i shoot a movie i want the audience to experience the same shot that i already saw in my mind. I want them to breave the same air , to feel the dust from the ground and feel the shot. For ‘Jonah‘ I did each shot out of “their” position. They should feel like they are sitting inside the truck, kneeling in the lorry, sweat and feel the pressure.

Michael Maschina

Can you share a funny or interesting story about the making of the film?

Jonah‘ was shot on a very low budget, but the team i hired was plain amazing. My Producer Giorgio Arnaldo Massari did a great job of finding the right guys for this project. Together with my DoP Francesco Ferri, my Assistant Alvise Cambiaso and the young but talented Paolo Caselli, who did the score for this movie, we accomplished something big.

What are your upcoming projects?

I directed my second short movie now, produced with my company Ruma. We want to focus on our company next year but of course my main goal is to do a debut feature film. I have some script ready to go!