Mastoura‘ by Mohanad Diab tells a story of two Egyptian women who narrate their life stories after they joined the Takaful & Karama Program.

Mastoura by Mohanad Diab

What is your film about?

The film is about Mastoura and Mervat, two Egyptian women, who narrate their life stories after they joined the Takaful & Karama Program, and speak the impact of the conditional cash on their lives.

What are the main topics raised by the story?

Takaful & Karama Program has been launched as a national, targeted social safety program under the umbrella of The Ministry of Social Solidarity in Egypt. It aims at protecting the poor people through an income support .The Program is categorized as Takaful, which provides conditional cash assistance to families suffering from extreme poverty, with children aged 0-18 years who deserve health care, nutrition and regular education. And Karama as conditional cash assistance to people with severe disability that prevents a person from working & elderly (above the age of 65 years); and orphans.

What is your credo as a filmmaker?

I am happy, when I am able to deliver a message. My country is changing and films are a good ways to inform foreign people about it. Cinema and festivals can spread all kind of messages (social information, denunciation, poesy, etc).

Mohanad Diab

Who is the target audience of your film?

Everyone who are interested in development and women issues. Also the target could be press and media as they defund everywhere this social message from Egypt.

Can you share a funny or interesting story about the making of the film?

The name of the movie has an interesting story, because ‘Mastoura‘ means ‘security cover’, and it is the name of the main character as well. Mastoura says in the film “my name is Mastoura, God has bestowed me this name and blessed me with the meaning behind it”. This is the idea behind the existence of Takaful and Karama Program.

Why did you decided to submit your short film to the Short Film Corner?

Through the movie ‘Mastoura‘ I can present to professionals, filmmakers and art lovers from the world how the Egyptian Government supports poor people with dignity and elaborates a new plan for social protection. I am happy to show how things are changing in my country nowadays.