The International Film Festival “Bridges”, member of the Cultural International Festivals, will be held in choice venues in Athens and other regions of Greece for the 8th consecutive year in collaboration with Municipalities and cinema clubs as well as the International Film Festival of Cyprus. It aims to bridge the gap in its relationships with the International Film Festivals and create a lively collaboration network within the international film scene.

In the last years the Festival was held in various Greek cities such as Corinth (where it had been held for the first time), Nafplio, Kiato, Loutraki and others. This year as well, the Festival wishes to offer a chance to young artists from all over the world to become internationally recognized in the cinema world. The panel of judges is comprised of internationally recognized prominent figures of the film industry both from Greece and other countries.

During the Festival there will be screenings (some of films never before shown in Greece), competitions, conferences and other events. During the closing ceremony, the “Golden Pegasus” prize will be awarded (for best director, script, music, sets/costumes, leading role etc.) to films participating in the official screening program of the Festival. 

A special prize will be awarded also to a female director who made her film in Greece or Cyprus. 

The  “Golden Pegasus” prize will be awarded to the best full-length film, thus offering its director the chance of an important trajectory in other Festivals. 

The “Bridges” Film Festival has proved throughout the years that it supports young artists and intends to create an attractant in this annual date of cultural shows and themes. Its aim is both to showcase the various regions it is being held and to promote close ties with the local population and the cultural societies.

The artists must submit to the Festival via FilmFreeway or festival’s website as follows: 

  1. Films produced within the last 36 months Online
    satisfying the following requirements:
    – short films (duration up to 20 minutes)
    – full length films (duration up to 120 minutes)
  2. Female directors who made a film in Greece or Cyprus of recent production.
  3. A Τtreatment up to 2 pages in Greek and in English for scripts for short films and full length films must be sent to the following email: bearing the indication: “Pegasos Cinema Lab –  Script competition”.

Deadline for the submission of films and scripts: August 30, 2017.