Daazo produced its first short film

Since a while we are thinking about how nice it would be to produce a short fiction films. Now we are proudly inform you that we produced our first short film, directed by Balázs Simonyi. Daazo works as a co-producer in the project since the script is co-written by Zoltán Aprily, one of the founders...

The last man standing

It is maybe a coincidence, or there is something in the air, but there will be a feature released with actor superstar Will Smith. It is about a survivor who is the last man on Earth. Our premiere this week has the same topic. A Lucky Bastard who managed to survive a deadly virus. But...

An optimistic short film from Eastern-Europe

Hi Christina! Bye Christina! It is really difficult to find a short film with an optimistic way of storytelling. In this film by Iulia Rugina you’ll see that not all the films from Eastern-Europe are depressed.