“I had to learn to focus my energy on the right things”

“I had to learn to focus my energy on the right things”

As Up to Now is part of the Official Selection of the Cinéfondation this year. The story, based on the short story by Krisztina Tóth of the same name and depicts the relationship of a mother and daughter in the wake of the mother’s diagnosis with an incurable disease. Meet...
Not a Stranger in Paradise   – First times and Cannes memories of Jim Jarmusch

Not a Stranger in Paradise – First times and Cannes memories of Jim Jarmusch

This year the Cannes Film Festival is opened by a group of dead people, rising from their graves: the independent master of cinema, Jim Jarmusch, is presenting his brand new zombie-flick The Dead Don’t Die, packed with A-list stars, as always. His visits to the festival have become more and...
“I don't want to live too much of my life away from a camera”

“I don’t want to live too much of my life away from a camera”

Tempest took Cannes by storm last year. The story of the Ethiopian-Australian boy whose family has to come to terms with a tragedy moved the Jury – and us – deeply. We asked last year’s Palme d’Or winner, Charles Williams about this beautiful film, his work as a director, and...
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'Suffer' – Interview with Filip Terlecki

‘Suffer’ – Interview with Filip Terlecki

Filip Terlecki’s short, ‘Suffer‘, is a psychological thriller inspired by Stephen King’s short story called ‘Suffer the Little Children‘. 
'Mastoura' – Interview with Mohanad Diab

‘Mastoura’ – Interview with Mohanad Diab

‘Mastoura‘ by Mohanad Diab tells a story of two Egyptian women who narrate their life stories after they joined the Takaful & Karama Program.
'Mixed Messages' – Interview with James Popplewell

‘Mixed Messages’ – Interview with James Popplewell

In James Popplewell’s short, ‘Mixed Messages‘, two young professionals, who are sharing a flat in London, are flirting with one another. The chemistry is there, but is it the right timing?
'A Job Interview' – Interview with Antonis Glaros

‘A Job Interview’ – Interview with Antonis Glaros

Antonis Glaros’ short, ‘A Job Interview‘, takes place in Greece, during the hardship years of the economic crisis and the unemployment boost.
'The Fall' – Interview with Qihui Gong

‘The Fall’ – Interview with Qihui Gong

Qihui Gong’s short, ‘The Fall‘, is about hair and wigs: the desire for wigs comes and goes, from time to time, but the value of wigs and hair have become high today because of people’s desire to become beautiful.
'Motel' – Interview with Lauren Porteous

‘Motel’ – Interview with Lauren Porteous

Lauren Porteous’s short, ‘Motel‘, is about isolation, taking risks, and strangers in a lonely rundown town at night.
'Under the Stars' – Interview with Christian Zetterberg

‘Under the Stars’ – Interview with Christian Zetterberg

‘Under the Stars‘ by Christian Zetterberg is based on true events and deals with themes like identity, friendship and growing up with a broken childhood marked by psychological trauma and sexual abuse.
'Cordelia' – Interview with Madeleine N. and Guy Stephens

‘Cordelia’ – Interview with Madeleine N. and Guy Stephens

Madeleine N. and Guy Stephens’s short, ‘Cordelia‘ (The Sisterhood K.), is a fashion film based on the novels of William Shakespeare and Dostoevsky, and explores the theme of patricide through the verses and phrases of these great masterpieces. 
'Water Memory' – Interview with Paola Klebert

‘Water Memory’ – Interview with Paola Klebert

In Paola Klebert’s short, ‘Water Memory‘, the emptiness and an inbeplicable sadness prevails in the silent and desperate body of a mother who has lost her child.
'Those Who Love' – Interview with Nefise Özkal Lorentzen

‘Those Who Love’ – Interview with Nefise Özkal Lorentzen

In Nefise Özkal Lorentzen’s short film, ‘Those Who Love‘, six strangers are in an elevator, each are holding a black box and containing stories of shame and violence. 
'A Special Night' – Interview with Diana Kaluza

‘A Special Night’ – Interview with Diana Kaluza

In Diana Kaluza’s short film, ‘A Special Night‘, a man in his late-thirties invites a female friend over to his house and asks her to help him on cope with an existential decision.
'Escaping Stars' – Interview with Laëtitia Herbain

‘Escaping Stars’ – Interview with Laëtitia Herbain

Laëtitia Herbain’s short, ‘Escaping Stars‘, tells a story of a girl, whose world falls apart, sinks into madness and lost into herself into an imaginary world, when her lover left her.