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How to Upload Your Film?

How to Upload Your Film?

We’re here for you! Daazo has put together a little tutorial, to make sure everything go as planned when you want to upload and share your short films! If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

How to Make the Impossible Possible?

Tricks&Tips on how to Get Your Film Distributed and Marketed Online On the occasion of our new Impossible Film Contest, where we invited the Short Film Corner participants of the Cannes Film Festival to upload their films on and compete for a wide audience, we collected the most important things a filmmaker needs to...

The Tricks and Traps of Independent Filmmaking

The Very Basics that Every Filmmaker Should Know The ultimate place for a low-budget, independent-minded filmmaker to learn the tricks about filmmaking for free is Raindance. Though they deal with a lot of things (training courses, seminars, feature film projects, film festivals and awards) the best is that they provide practical  information about all aspects...

Tips & tricks – how to be seen on Daazo

Our aim is to give you an alternative platform where your film will appear alongside its equals instead of viral videos or karaoke performances as it would on YouTube. Daazo is specialized in short films. However, it’s not enough just uploading your films and waiting for the audience. Since in most of the cases you...